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Maison de la céramique
22 juin au 1er septembre 2024

Santorini Grèce
7 juin au 26 octobre 2024

27 juin au 30 juin 2024


Simon Manoha was born in Guilherand Granges, Ardèche, in 1987. After studying improvised music, he moved to Paris to study contemporary philosophy at the Sorbonne. He then returns to one of his first passions: photography, which he continues, like all his other disciplines, to work on. His uncle being a potter, he ends up from his childhood memories, being recalled by the earth. All his ideas then find a feasibility, a prehension that he lacked until then. He decides as usual to learn on his own, and this from the beginning: the search for clay. First tests, first constructions of ovens, first errors. The materials he photographed finally find their pastes, their reliefs, the clay takes shape from all his observations of tree trunks, rocks, human statures and skins. He sets up his workshop next to an Anagama (wood oven), sources of clays and countless minerals used for his enamels in Ardèche, where he is currently working on a new series "Décommodage" which combines earth, metal, wood and stone.

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