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Dayour workshops

"Raw materials": From 05/08/2023 to 10/08/2023 inclusive.

"Creation": From 08/12/2023 to 08/19/2023 inclusive.

To book please  contact mer 0638786106

workshop raw materials                                        

In this workshop we will work to prospect, collect and treat the materials necessary for the elaboration of glazed stoneware: shaping clays, degreasers, low temperature clays, minerals, ashs.

Hardee: 6 days

Number of attendees: 4

Remaining places: 3

Price: 550euro

Deposit: 55euro

Location: Church of Rocles (07110)


Prospecting, collection and processing of raw materials

The first part will consist in developing a paste that we can work at high temperature (1280/1320°C), both for utilitarian and sculptural work.

Prospecting, collection and processing of enamel materials

The second part will consist in obtaining the materials necessary to enamel our stoneware pieces: various minerals, collected clays, plant ashes.


Study of earth study of glazes

The third part will consist of studying our clay in its expression and developing glazes for our pieces.

Detailed program

Day 1: Collection of clays and degreasers. Treatment of clays and put in plaster.

Day 2: Prospecting and collection of various minerals and clays, Collection of plants and put in ashes.

Day 3: Processing of harvested materials.

Day 4: Study of glazes and firing of samples.

Day 5: Beating of the clay, free modelling.

Day 6: Finishing of shaped parts. Opening of the test kiln, discussion and analysis.

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