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    Two different workshops are offered to you: one on the exploitation of raw materials and one on their use and firing in an electric kiln. It is possible to follow only one workshop or the both.

All workshops will take place in Rocles (07110), France, next to the church. Accommodation and meals are your responsibility. A producer's grocery store is next to the house. Many accommodation options are available in the town. Lunches are done together on site. Those of the evening will depend on the progress of our work. In general, the workshops are quite intense, and remain flexible according to your motivation.


Duration: 6 days

Number of attendees: 4

Remaining places: 3

Price: 550euro

Deposit: 55euro

Lodging  and meals non included

Location: Church of Rocles (07110)

During this workshop we will work to obtain all the raw materials necessary for the development of a glazed stoneware ceramic. The entire workshop is detailed here.


Duration:  8 days

Number of attendees: 4

Price: 750euro

Deposit: 75euro

Accommodation  and meals not included

Location: Church of Rocles (07110)


In this workshop we will work to develop ceramics from the materials collected in the "Raw materials" workshop. The firing will be done in an electric kiln. The entire workshop is detailed here.

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Dayour workshops

"Raw materials": 

From 05/08/2023 to 10/08/2023 inclusive.


From 08/12/2023 to 08/19/2023 inclusive.

To book please  contact me 0638786106

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